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17 not to miss spots in the Presidio

Get ready to be wowed by the unexpected adventures that await you in the Presidio

Start at the Welcome Center 

Get your adventure started right at the Presidio Visitor Center! This lively hub is located at the heart of the Main Post and serves as your personal tour guide to the park. Meet the friendly staff, who are ready to welcome you and share their insider knowledge of the Presidio’s exciting events and activities.

Explore interactive exhibits, maps, and videos that bring the park’s rich history to life. Get a taste of the Presidio’s unique past and find out how the site has evolved over time. And don’t forget to take advantage of the free PresidiGo Shuttle, which makes getting around the park a breeze. Plan your perfect Presidio day at the Visitor Center!

Why You Should Visit the Vibrant Presidio: Adventure, Art, and History Await!

    1. Get Your Adventure Started: Visit the Presidio Visitor Center located at the heart of the Main Post and meet the friendly staff who are ready to share insider knowledge of the park.

    2. Art Meets Nature: Marvel at the temporary, environmentally-inspired art installations by Andy Goldsworthy and snap a pic with Yoda at the Letterman Digital & New Media Arts Center.

    3. History Comes to Life: Explore a fort built during the Gold Rush, hike with breathtaking views, visit museums and cultural centers, learn about Walt Disney and the Farallon Islands, jump for joy at a trampoline park, and experience the brand-new Presidio Tunnel Tops!


17 places you may not expect to find in a National Park: 

1- Wonder at the creations by Artist Andy Goldsworthy. Four installations in the Presidio:

Artist Andy Goldsworthy is best known for his environmentally-inspired, site-specific sculptures that use natural materials such as leaves, stones, branches, and ice. His sculptures are temporary and fleeting, allowing nature to reclaim its materials after a time.

    • Spire – A 100-foot-tall tapering peak that blends in beautifully with its surroundings, the Spire is a must-visit for art lovers. Find it along the Bay Ridge Trail, located just a quarter-mile down the trail from the Presidio Cafe.
    • Wood Line – If you’re in the southeast corner of the Presidio, be sure to check out the Wood Line. Park near the small parking lot on Pacific and backtrack up Pacific to find the trail on your left. This unique artwork is a treat for the eyes and a fun walk to experience.
    • Tree Fall – Located near the intersection of Sheridan and Anza Avenues, Tree Fall is an indoor installation in a former gunpowder storage structure. Visit it on docent-led tours on weekends from 10 am to 4 pm for a unique and creative experience.
    • Earth Wall – Another indoor piece by artist Andy Goldsworthy, the Earth Wall can be found in the Presidio Officers’ Club. Open every Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, this stunning work of art is a must-see.

2- Pose with Yoda- Letterman Digital & New Media Arts Center and the Yoda Fountain

Star Wars fans rejoice! This building is home to Lucas Films and offers visitors a look at memorabilia from the Star Wars Film Series in the lobby of Building B. You can also check out the Yoda Fountain outside.

3- Help guard the Golden Gate – Fort Point National Historic Site

History buffs will love Fort Point, a fort built during the Gold Rush, equipped with 126 cannons and 500 infantrymen. Today, you may even see a Civil War reenactment.

4- Hike with views galore – California Coastal Trail

Hiking enthusiasts will love the Coastal Trail, which runs along the northern waterfront of Presidio San Francisco and offers breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

5- Visit the oldest building on the Presidio – Presidio Officers’ Club 

A Museum and Cultural Center – Get a glimpse into the history of Presidio San Francisco with a visit to the Presidio Officers’ Club. Open every Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, it’s a fun and informative experience.

6- Military Intelligence Service Historic Learning Center

Learn about the role of Japanese Americans during WWII at this small museum located near Crissy Field on the east side of the bridge.

7- Jump for Joy at House of Air Trampoline Park 

Take a break and let the kids burn some energy at the House of Air Trampoline Park, located at 926 Mason.

8- Climb the walls at Planet Granite

 Climb to new heights at Planet Granite, an indoor climbing gym located at 924 Mason.

9- Why only 4 books a year? Visit Arion Press

 This hidden gem is a printing press that creates limited-edition, museum-quality books on traditional letterpress equipment. Visit from Monday to Friday for a behind-the-scenes look.

10- Learn about Walt- Walt Disney Family Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum is a fascinating look at Walt Disney, the man, and his company. Check out artifacts like the 13-foot model of the original vision of Disneyland and the first-known drawing of Mickey Mouse.

11- What is off the coast? Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center 

Learn about the Farallon Islands at this nature sanctuary in Crissy Field, open every Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

12- The newest place to visit – Presidio Tunnel Tops

Unleash your inner adventurer at the brand-spanking new Presidio Tunnel Tops, a playground for all ages that’s completely free and open for exploration. Get up close and personal with nature as you run, climb, and play on giant tree trunks and boulders, or use your noggin at the Field Station, where microscopes and magnifying glasses are just the tip of the iceberg. With panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and plenty of picnic tables and lawns, there’s plenty of room to kick back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors. Plan your visit to this new hot spot at presidiotunneltops.org. It’s the perfect way to spend a sunny day in San Francisco!

13- Furry friends rest here – The Presidio Pet Cemetery

This is the final resting place for hundreds of beloved pets who served military families at the Presidio during its time as an Army post. These furry, scaly, and feathered companions brought stability and joy to a life marked by frequent moves and the threat of war. The cemetery, a half-acre hillside plot with a stunning view of San Francisco Bay, honors their role and the love they gave with a solemn sign that reads, “The love these animals gave will never be forgotten.” Visit this touching tribute to the faithful pets who made the Presidio their home.

14- Get ready to be wowed by Tennessee Hollow Watershed

An outdoor paradise in Presidio San Francisco! With 250+ acres and 20% of the park, you won’t run out of things to explore. Hike the trails and take in the beauty of native plants, check out the historic El Polin Spring, or let the kids run wild at the Julius Kahn Playground with its slides and swings. Whether you’re a nature lover or a family with kids, Tennessee Hollow Watershed is a must-visit destination. So pack your picnic basket, grab your hiking shoes, and head over to this stunning oasis today!

15- The Center of it all – Main Parade Lawn:

This sprawling green space boasts a versatile seating area, perfect for picnicking, relaxing, and people-watching. It also features a large grassy area for games and runs.

16- Bowling anyone? Presidio Bowling Center:

Roll some strikes at this 12-lane bowling alley, complete with automatic scoring and bumpers for the kids (and kids at heart). Grab a grilled meal and an adult beverage for a fun and casual night out.

17 – On the San Francisco Bay – Crissy Field Marsh and Beach:

This tidal marsh and beach hybrid is the epitome of natural beauty. It’s a haven for hikers, bikers, beachcombers, dogs, and bird-watching enthusiasts, and is especially popular with kids and dogs. Enjoy calm water for playing, and don’t miss a sunset for some truly stunning photos.

Yes we agree – way too much to See and Explore 

The Presidio of San Francisco is a must-visit destination, offering a variety of attractions and experiences for visitors. From the Presidio Tunnel Tops, a family-friendly area with play spaces, picnic tables and views of the Golden Gate Bridge, to the Tennessee Hollow Watershed, a 250-acre nature reserve with trails, native plants and art. The Presidio Visitor Center is a great starting point for your visit, with friendly staff, interactive exhibits, maps, and videos about the park’s history and events. Don’t miss the historic buildings, scenic vistas, the Presidio Pet Cemetery, and much more!

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