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We also use the Eco-Reco LS Plus Electric Scooters on our guided tours

Icon May 26, 2018
Icon By SF Scooters and Adventures
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We operate our fully guided tours on two of the top end scooter models available. No matter the design/motor size on some hills the scooter will require a bit of “kick” to maintain momentum. The electric motors are helpful on the hills but are not strong enough to propel heavier guests up some slopes. Be prepared to kick.


EcoReco L5 is a big sized, performance scooter with 8″ PU filled front wheel, solid rear wheel, and a highly efficient motor. It’s equipped with 2 exposed aggressive rear suspensions to offer an unmatched comfort and stability. It is designed with a rougher style for a bigger rider and to handle bumpier road conditions. Perfect for a comfortable & Safe Ride.

  • Rear-wheel drive and brake for max traction and stability
  • Full suspension and front/ taillight
  • Top speed configurable
  • 15-30 miles of range per charge*
  • Great torque for up to 20-30% incline*
  • Zero-drag hub motor, heavy duty with 280 lb load
  • Energy Recovery Braking system (E.R.B.)
  • Safe-start throttle, 3 stage braking
  • LED back-lit dashboard, top/stem gadget mounts

*Depending on the weather/road conditions and rider’s weight/riding patterns, actual results might vary.



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